Bendigo and Adelaide Bank use secure cloud for rapid development and deployment

Private PaaS solution helps bank bring apps to market like an agile startup

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank wanted to be able to bring apps to market faster, with a desire to innovate like a startup. To achieve this goal, it turned to IBM’s platform of innovation. Its developer team can now create compelling new apps for both customers and employees, faster and cheaper than ever before, with IBM’s first ever localized Bluemix instance.

The bank uses the same open source technologies and approaches that more agile companies — the disrupters — do to bring products to market 20 to 100 times faster than traditional enterprises can.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank chose IBM as its partner because IBM can bring resilient technologies to the regulated financial services industry, understands what the bank wanted to achieve, and acknowledged the importance of being able to actually get things to market, which are all critical considerations for the bank to be able to innovate.

IBM Bluemix offers the bank the ability to compose applications from a menu palette of services and solutions, like ingredients in a “digital kitchen.” A developer might pick and choose compute, network storage, analytics, mobile, social, and security components that IBM and third parties bring to the table, and cook up apps that are connected to back-end systems. The bank can reuse core transactions, add new functionality, and participate in the API economy.

For example, the bank used Bluemix to develop its Business Banker Application, a productivity app that helps its banking team take their business in the palms of their hands — rather than in a bunch of manila folders — when they’re visiting clients. This solution was delivered in just eight weeks after a two-day discovery workshop. Now the business bankers have real-time access to the information from the bank’s legacy systems while they’re on the road, on any mobile device. They have hooks into external third parties that provide information about industries, so they’re up to date with clients’ businesses before they even walk into meetings.

The business bankers thought the app was fantastic, but mentioned that after meeting with the client they needed to take some notes and they’re in the car and don’t actually want to sit there and type on mobile phones or tablets nor do they want to pull over and write stuff down on paper. They wanted to know if there was anything that could be done. So the development team looked into Bluemix cognitive offerings and found a Watson speech-to-text service that could be implemented. Now the business bankers can record notes about their meetings and the Watson service will take the speech and translate it through to text.

At Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, IBM was able to bring executives, business people, and technical people together to help them speak the same language about composable services and understand that whether it’s art, music, cooking, or technology, there are ingredients that need to be put together in a way to create the magnum opus.

With all the stakeholders on the same page, the bank has undergone a digital transformation and created a startup within the enterprise. Using IBM Bluemix, all that needs to be done is pick, mix, and match to build the desired business outcome.

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