Clean Hands Safe Hands: IoT and sensors improves hospital hygiene

SoftLayer handles sensor data coming directly from healthcare professionals

We all know that hand hygiene is a simple but critical part of medical care. But if you forget to perform hand hygiene, infection spreads. How do you remember? Chris Hermann, PhD, CEO, found a way how! He created a system will help hospital employees, families, anyone who comes in and out of patient areas, remember to, simply, wash their hands.

To launch its hand hygiene technology solution for hospitals, Clean Hands Safe Hands (CHSH) needed a robust delivery platform that did not require onsite hosting infrastructure. The organization required a flexible, high-performance hosting solution capable of handling large amounts of data at unpredictable intervals.

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Providing better healthcare with the cloud

After evaluating Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and SoftLayer cloud solutions, CHSH determined that the SoftLayer platform offered the optimal flexibility, performance and cost-effectiveness. The company signed on for the SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program, which provides mentoring, support and complimentary infrastructure to qualifying startup businesses.

CHSH provisioned virtual server hosting infrastructure in the SoftLayer Atlanta data center to launch its hand hygiene offering. Already delivering the cloud-based solution to multiple major healthcare providers in Georgia, the organization anticipates continuing to expand its business rapidly.

“Having the ability to spin up servers at will and doing it very economically is one of the best things about SoftLayer. We have new servers up and running in just hours.”

– Christopher Hermann, founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Clean Hands Safe Hands

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