Get threat protection that knows your IT

Early-warning system mimics human behavior to ward off cybercrime

In IT security terminology, an enterprise experiencing a “zero-day” security attack has no time — or zero days — to identify and mitigate the threat.

Because most attacks occur months before organizations discover them, perpetrators typically have a lengthy window to exploit vulnerabilities.

“Imagine the benefits of being able to identify an attempt at a zero-day attack in real time,” says Sokratis Galiatsis, Senior DevOps Engineer for Crypteia Networks.

Crypteia developed MOREAL — a data-driven threat intelligence platform with monitoring, reporting and alerting capabilities — to do just that.

“We wanted to build a tool that would mimic the human behavior of a security analyst and work in tandem with a customer’s existing security team to serve as an early warning system,” says Yiannis Giokas, Crypteia Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Using a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, MOREAL detects and reports unusual activity in an enterprise’s IT environment.

“MOREAL sits in a customer’s IT environment and does machine learning — it learns the proper state of being for that particular environment,” says Bob Flinton, Senior Product Marketing Manager for PCCW Global, Crypteia’s parent company.

“When there’s anomalous activity in that environment, the system triggers alerts, maps the event against our global threat database and delivers mitigation suggestions,” says Flinton.

To support the compute-intensive offering, Crypteia teamed with IBM, joining the SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program and provisioning a powerful SoftLayer bare metal server hosting platform.

With the global cloud infrastructure, Crypteia delivers innovative threat intelligence to customers worldwide and is well-positioned to continue targeting new markets around the globe.