Going global rapidly on a scalable infrastructure

UK’s Silverstring drives business growth with IBM Cloud

A dream come true for a local business could turn into its worst nightmare if it’s not prepared to grow as fast as the market demands. When software solution provider Silverstring won a few deals with multinational companies, it needed to figure out fast how it could roll out solutions globally for its new clients.

Silverstring is an IBM Premier Business Partner based in the United Kingdom that offers, according to Joe Mayhew, head of cloud services, “everything from a full suite of data protection services, through to disaster recovery as a service and backup as a service.” The company’s premier product, Predatar, enables Silverstring to offer all these services and provide data protection services for IBM Spectrum Protect.

CEO of Silverstring, Alistair Mackenzie explained, “We’ve been selling Predatar internationally for five years now and it has been hosted in the UK with a relatively small local provider that has served us very well. But we needed something that would allow us to scale, initially in North America and then in Europe and eventually in the Asia Pacific area.”

To deliver its Predatar application internationally and launch a new trial version of the offering, Silverstring provisioned a SoftLayer cloud infrastructure and runs production, web hosting and database workloads on the bare metal and virtual server infrastructure. The Softlayer infrastructure helped Silverstring deliver a global service at a local level. Silverstring’s 14 partners across the globe can also use the company’s portal and infrastructure.

Mayhew continued,When we decided to choose a cloud partner a couple of years ago, we had three key criteria. One of them was the locality of resources to our customers — very important when you’ve got international customers. The second one was control over the type of resources we could offer those customers, from virtual to bare metal. And the third one was a rich API set, which has really transformed our business. We’ve developed Predatar on top of that rich API set.

The RFP went out to six players in total, SoftLayer being one of them alongside Amazon Web Services and Google.

It used to take us many months to procure and implement a backup or disaster recovery solution for our customers,” Bates said. Since partnering with Softlayer, we’re able to deliver new data protection services globally, in a matter of weeks if not days in some cases,” Mayhew added.

With the SoftLayer solution, Silverstring can deliver the premium levels of service and customization its customers demand. Additionally, if a Silverstring customer experiences an act of nature such as a fire or flood — which has happened — data can be recovered in as little as 12 hours, whereas it otherwise would have been more time consuming, more difficult and required a great deal more man power.

Graeme Titchener, finance director at Silverstring conclude, “The combination of IBM SoftLayer and our Predatar cloud management software for data protection is transforming the way that data protection and disaster recovery is delivered.” A single Predatar server in the SoftLayer environment can manage hundreds of customers, thousands of Spectrum Protect database servers and hundreds of thousands of backup clients, regardless of global time zones.