How can data help a man run a 100 mile race?

Meet Simon: a life transformed by the cognitive power of the cloud.

Built on IBM Cloud, Runkeeper has enabled people everywhere to get fit by picking up running. With 120,000 global data requests being delivered to users every second, Runkeeper has more than a few unique examples on how runners are using technology to push themselves and their goals.

One such story is that of long-distance runner Simon Wheatcroft, who uses the Runkeeper app and the IBM-powered data that powers it to test the limits of what a blind athlete can accomplish.

Watch Simon’s story, from training on the football pitch to running 100 miles and beyond:

Simon, perhaps more than anyone else, relies on the accuracy and reliability of Runkeeper data to keep his training on track, and keep himself out of harms way. Using a combination of underfoot feedback, ambient noise, and audio cues from Runkeeper, Simon has been able to run independently and push himself competitively in the sport.

Simon started losing his vision when he was just 17 years old, started training when he was 25, and just 6 months later was competing in his first 100 mile race.

Listen to Simon’s inspirational story:

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How IBM Cloud data helps Runkeeper.

Runkeeper tracks thousands of data points for each user.

A Boston-based fitness tracking startup with over 30 million users accessing its apps and websites from over 100 different types of connected devices, Runkeeper is a major player in the quantified self phenomenon, helping users track their fitness activity, motivating them to keep working towards their goals, and supporting them with an active online community of fellow users.

With ever-expanding services being offered across new devices, and explosive growth in the fitness tracking space, Runkeeper is a company driven by its ability to manage and secure the vast stores of user data it collects.

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IBM Cloud has allowed Runkeeper to move its database from a single server to a flexible DBaaS that can grow with its user base. And IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster handles the diversity of data types gathered across devices.

Having a dedicated Cloud partner for data has helped Runkeeper handle greater customer demand. Plus, it’s allowed their staff to focus less on the back-end management, and more on improving the app for a growing world of runners.

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