IBM @ NAB Show Day 1 Recap in Tweets

Comic-Con, AOL, Techcrunch, SVOD, generate buzz at the world’s largest event on technology, media and entertainment

By Quincy Allen, VP, IBM Cloud Marketing

Four months ago, IBM Cloud began a series of acquisitions in video. At the forefront of cloud innovation, we recognized the shift in video to be one of epic, technologically historic proportions. Video is not the future of content. It is here, and growing exponentially.

Today, at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (#NABShow), we introduced more than 130,000 media and entertainment professionals to IBM Cloud Video. With the forthcoming integration of IBM’s singular cognitive capabilities, IBM Cloud Video is poised to help clients derive new insights from the world’s fastest growing medium.

Today at NAB, video’s momentum was undeniable. The explosion of user-generated video content and increasing affordability of video production allows even the smallest of startups significant leverage to quickly amass large, global audiences.

Here’s just some of what came through my Twitter feed today.

In the news

Our announcements today featured strong customer stories from Comic-Con, AOL, Mazda and CBC.

TechCrunch picked up on our ability to be a major player in the world of online and cloud-based video services.

ZDNet outlined our acquisitions as a series of wins, highlighting our new capabilities with technologies like Aspera’s FASPstream Servers to deliver video quickly over corporate networks.

The IT Business Edge picked up on the importance of all the data contained within video and the unexplored value it contains.

OTT Video Session (Braxton Jarratt)

We’re seeing more brands engage their fanbase using subscription-based video platforms. We talked about the latest trends in this space on a panel.

Thinking about how to scale video content globally across multiple distribution networks presents real challenges.

Infrastructure is crucial. Especially as we see consumption models change. Just look at how mobile has transformed the way we watch.

From team IBM

There’s so much disruption in the industry about where content is being consumed that it is important to keep on top of all the new distribution models.

On the flip side, content generation is opening up to a new world of publishers.

And finally, a Clearleap team photo op.

All in all, quite a day. Check out IBM Cloud Video to learn more about our new portfolio and join the conversation on #NABIBM.