Innovating digital marketing analytics with evolve24’s neuroscience-based algorithms

Evolving clients’ strategic vision with the right cloud and cognitive insight

In the digital era, companies need to assess marketing reach and impact across an ever-increasing breadth of social media channels. To help today’s leading brands stay a step ahead, evolve24 delivers a powerful omni-channel analytics platform that transforms big data into consumer insight rooted in behavioral science.

“We collect vast amounts of digital content through online channels,” says chief executive officer Tony Sardella. “Our unique neuroscience-based algorithms enable us to understand what drives human behavior.”

To support the massive, data-intensive workloads for its innovative analytics solutions, evolve24 needed a highly scalable cloud-hosting infrastructure.

“We needed an innovative solution in order to scale quickly and effectively given the massive growth of digital content we’re working with daily,” says Sardella. “We also wanted to expedite our data processing and add new analytical capabilities to extract even greater insights of value for our end customers.”

Turning to IBM, the business found the high-performance cloud technology and advanced cognitive functionality needed to continue evolving its offerings and support its strategic vision.

“As a cognitive and cloud leader, IBM aligns perfectly with where we are,” says Sardella. “We’re very similarly minded in regards to creating value through cognitive computing in a cloud environment, so it’s a natural choice to continue down this path with IBM.”

evolve24 plans to migrate its analytics workloads to a hybrid SoftLayer cloud infrastructure and is launching a pilot solution with IBM Watson Visual Recognition technology.

“With Watson, we’ll enable marketing professionals to include brand logos and other visual assets across popular digital channels into their insights program,” says Sardella. “We’ll help them better understand how the consumer views a company and is interacting with its products.”

Additionally, evolve24 will team with IBM to create a mobile front-end for its offerings in an IBM Bluemix Garage development environment, collaborating with communications officials from several of its top global clients on solution design.