Sohonet easily scales film rendering workloads with IBM Cloud

In the film-industry time and money go hand in hand and M&E Companies are increasingly reliant upon the movement of large volumes of data to and from the Cloud. This can prove to be both time-consuming and costly when transferring over a standard Internet connection. In companies that struggle to manage network congestion from just day-to-day office usage, the Internet is already an over-extended resource and can prove to be unreliable and cost- prohibitive. As a result these factors are pushing companies to innovate and capitalise on the benefits of public cloud storage.

Sohonet has an established heritage in connecting media businesses with their customers and partners, enabling a community of media companies to collaborate in the creation and delivery of exceptional content. Sohonet’s “Connected Cloud Services” extend this capability to connect media businesses with storage and compute capacity anywhere in the world.

The IBM Cloud solution:

Sohonet has the ability to create FastLanes allowing for its customers to connect directly from their offices worldwide to SoftLayer’s Cloud. As a result customers now have increased flexibility, sustained-guaranteed throughput and a reliable high-speed conduit to SoftLayer’s wide range of remote storage and compute solutions. Sohonet’s FastLane moves data away from internet bandwidth, removing network congestion and decreasing the time it takes for an individual to transfer their data. With a direct link to SoftLayer’s Cloud, customers are in control of how their data is routed, leading to a more consistent network experience for the entire business.