As Delos™ and IBM join forces, IBM Cloud and cognitive technologies will help researchers to understand how indoor environments affect health

With the average American now spending more than 90 percent of each day indoors, environmental factors such as lighting, noise, air quality and temperature in our homes, offices, gyms…

By: Ziv Cohen CEO, Paygilant

A portmanteau of “payment” and “vigilant,” the name Paygilant says in a word what our company does: detects fraud at the point of payment with an innovative mobile wallet solution. Paygilant Ltd.

With IBM Cloud and cognitive technology, Leads Origins delivers a first-of-its-kind solution for social media advertising success

Manuel Delgado | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Leads Origins

The success of any social media advertising campaign ultimately depends on its relevance to the target audience. But how do you zero in…

By: Tanya Seajay | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Orenda Software Solutions

When there are millions of people with interest in and influence over your brand on social media, how do you measure changing perceptions?

That is exactly the question we’ve answered with Orenda Software Solutions.

We’ve created a different…

Cognitive mobile application hosted in IBM Cloud revolutionizes the tourist experience in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the easternmost of the Canary Islands, a land of sun and sand situated roughly 80 miles off the African coast. …

Allocation schemes developed with IBM business process software help NHSBT optimize organ transplant outcomes.

Every year, approximately 63,000 patients are on waiting lists for organ transplants across the European Union¹. But before a single life is saved with a donor organ, a complex chain of events has to be coordinated…

Mobile verification service validates identities with sophisticated optical character recognition software on Apple devices

Alastair was waiting to see the bank manager because his wallet had been lost earlier that day and he needed to freeze his account, request a new ATM card and withdraw some cash to have on…

With Nanigans software running on IBM Bluemix infrastructure, internal marketing teams optimize online advertising and save big

By: Ben Tregoe, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Nanigans

In the world of digital marketing, change is the constant. But at Nanigans, we see one clear trend among today’s top performance marketers…

IBM BPM on Cloud ensures effective data governance

Travis Perkins plc is a UK-based builders’ merchant with more than 20 brands that serve the construction industry as well as the home improvement market. …

In three months Prana Studios delivered a massive 24K resolution visual effects theme park attraction

The reason why many people do not care for amusement park thrill rides may actually be the same reason why some people love them: they’re so real!

When a popular theme park needed visual effects…

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