IT Marketplace Using Open Source Software

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The goals of my blog are as follows:

  • Destroy the myth that pursuing IT career requires college education.
  • Destroy the myth that IT sucks.

If you have never been into my blog or my tweets at @ibm2100 or my repos at GitHub (, the goals appear as abstract.

My next step is to make those goals concrete. That’s why I’m starting ITJumpstart Ventures to fulfill my goals, vision and mission.

Here is my initial step.

I am not against IT education but if college education is prohibitively exorbitant for you, here is my proposal.

However, be forewarned. I am not into mobile app or Web front-end development.

My interest is simply back-end development using Go.

My target audience are those beginners (those with no IT background) and IT professionals with zero experience using Go regardless of age.

This is the chicken-and-egg problem I want to solve:

For students, they need software development experience before they can be hired. However, companies won’t let students experiment on their production system.

In short, You can’t get a job unless you have experience. And there’s the rub — how do you get experience if you can’t get a job?

If you want to get a job or build your own start-up, it’s your choice.

I will arm you with all you need so you would know the wheat from the chaff.

I am building an open source community both on the demand and supply side of the chain.

I am building a meta-framework such that we just use the basics, and wait for emerging technologies to mature before we will use it.

This is my goal, vision and mission.

You should contact me at

Just replace nickname with gani and lastname with mendoza