How can you really tell?

How do you know when to push forward and when to hold back?

If you have a product you believe in, how long do you keep pushing it versus listening to the market?

How do you know when to tweak versus when to revamp?

How do you determine which battles are worth fighting and which ones aren’t?

When is patience more virtuous, and when is course correcting more intelligent?

When is believing in yourself a praiseworthy act of perseverance? And when is it a stunning display of naivety?

No one knew they wanted an iPad until Steve Jobs invented it. If Henry Ford listened to the customers, we’d just have faster horses instead of cars. But on the flip side, there’s tons of projects that *should* have listened to the (lack of) market response and quit before losing it all.

It seems that a lot of success lies at the intersections of these questions, but they’re incredibly messy and there is no formula for making these calls.

How do you navigate the push and pull of these questions?

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