An ode to Usama Canon

Do not tell me that one day we will die!

The moment born, a father aware

The greatest lie whispered in our childish ears

Life is forever, explore and enjoy

What a lie!

When men fall before our eyes

Never to be seen again

How can I not recognise I will die?

So do not tell me that one day we will die

It holds no meaning to me

It is and will be.

Let us not worry about the inevitable

Think of only what is possible

So I pray, my dear unmet friend

That what is possible

Is you feeling the joy of being again

That you rise up from the ashes of your demise

And strike light upon the hearts hollowed

In times like these

The greatest are those that spread peace

Whose intentions are beauty

Whose acts are inspirational

Whose motivations are divine

We want you to stay so to God we pray

On the age of the Prophet that the turning begins

From darkness to light; from fear to hope

From weaknesses to strength; from woe to joy

To give us light; to give us hope

To give us strength; to give us joy

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