I’ll Try To Keep Working With Linux For Entire Life

After three years i’ve using Linux in Junior High School. I’d never using it again when High School. And now, i’m using it again.

Tux (Linux) Logo Block BW by BerraDev

Some people maybe here maybe using Windows or Mac OS, or even the Linux too. I already heard about Linux when i first time learning computer in 6th grade. I knew some operating system like Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. So far i know about the OS absolutely the Windows. But, i’m curious about the Linux and Mac OS too. To buy some Macbook it’s too expensive for me, and i’ve used that from my friend’s Macbook. And the last, Linux.

GNU/Linux (or some people just say “Linux” even that is just the Kernel name) is Free and Open Source OS. Absolutely free, that what i know when i’m on 6th grade. Well i’m using Windows is free too, until i’m in 8th grade. I know that Windows is not free, so i’ve been using windows for 4 years without paying or you called this Piracy. You know, i feel very bad back then, i’ve feel very guilty.

But before i using the Linux, i learning the Programming using Visual Basic 6.0, i’m active in some VB forum, Facebook Group, some website, etc. I learn so much from someone in that place. And until i meet my friend in facebook using Linux. So i ask him about Linux and anything, and then i try to install Linux on my only one computer, with just using USB stick modem, download the ISO and installing it with Flashdisk. That it’s my first time using Linux in my life, my first Distro is Linux Mint. With MATE Desktop Environtment. But the first time i realized that using Linux without Internet, is sucks. That my first impression about Linux.

It’s just the way i think about Linux. After i’ve been using Linux. The hard feeling about that is, I’d become fanatic about Linux. Everything with Open Source is good. People using Windows Piracy is bad, so i told people to using Linux. Because it’s Open Source.

Everyone has feel same like me, i think. When someone learn about Linux and get interested by the power of Open Source.

But now… i’m feel like that anymore, i think afterall this time, i want to learn more about Linux, about Open Source. Learn programming in Linux and everything in Linux. But, i’m not become so fanatic about that. I love playing video games too. When some game can’t compatible with Linux. The Windows is my place for playing the games.

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