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Access to the Internet is poor across the nation. There’s a Digital Divide that has socio-economic impact that echos through current and future generations. Closing the gap is worth it. We should all advocate and fund these efforts. We should reconsider the use of Wi-Fi technology to close the gap.

Beware of Wi-Fi resellers that promise a solution that appears to work on paper, but fails to live up to reasonable expectations. The users of the service will find it painful to use, and the public entity stuck with a large bill and a deprecated technology once employed.

Background /…

GitHub is an incredible tool to contribute and collaborate with everyone online. Central to GitHub is to follow others. See what they push, merge, and comment. All of these activities are broadcasted and one can gleam from the activity how productive or, in the absence of activity, how unproductive you are (this is a mere heuristic than absolute truth).

In March 2016, I founded and launched the (boot) Coding School in Mission, TX with the support of Texas Workforce Commission and Mission EDC. I developed the curriculum and taught for the past 3 months on Full Stack Web Development. Part…

While life is not black and white, and I am not just a resume. Resumes, however, are a great tool to condense experience. Should you prefer a more elaborate introduction, my Medium publication complements my resume with stories about education, books, projects, opinions, and craft.

You can find my latest resume on GitHub:


I’m currently not available. I joined Zapier on January 2017, and couldn’t be happier.


Here are a list of profiles I’ve completed which may benefit you in learning more about me. Feel free to connect, if option available.

Olmo Maldonado

Sr. Backend Engineer at Zapier, Ex-Googler, Founded Code RGV, M.S. Electrical Engineer UCLA, Full Stack Software Engineer

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