How Technology Makes Working on Hollywood Films a Thrill

Over the years working as a creative technologist, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the production of some of the biggest blockbusters Hollywood has produced in recent times.

From The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) to The Revenant (2015) and more, each of these films has set a new benchmark for VFX studios to follow. As a team we were over the moon since we worked day and night to produce stellar imagery that left the world in awe.

Of course, exceptional outcomes need exceptional input.

I have worked with engineers, technologists and pipeline TDs who simply love creating technology for films. They’re hungry to support studio technology and deliver one-of-a-kind films worthy of critical acclaim.

While salaries in Hollywood tend to be less than in the tech sector, engineers still love to be involved on films.

What is it, really, that keeps us here?

For one, we love storytelling and working on visual effects, which is a wonderful mix of art and technology. It’s the thrill of combining artistic expression with cutting-edge tech that drives us to innovate and outdo ourselves with each new film.

Clients come to us and ask for breakthrough things that haven’t been seen before. Often times this requires figuring out new innovative solutions in both art and technology. We help artists do their job faster and there is tremendous satisfaction in that. Also, working among artists and directors is always a lot of fun. We learn a little bit about the artistry behind filmmaking while they learn the cohesiveness required for technology to transform a film.

If you’re familiar with feature film production, you might have an idea of the sheer amount of work involved in creating visual effects for a single shot. The number of technologists and artists involved on a film runs into the hundreds, each playing their own little part in turning the filmmaker’s vision into reality.

Unfortunately, in spite of the role they play in the making of a film, a lot of times the technology groups don’t get the recognition they deserve. It’s often as simple as there not being enough space in the credit roll as films get a limited amount of time to play end-credits in movie theaters.

Nonetheless, the good work continues.

What brings us tech geeks to Hollywood is our love for film.

What keeps us here is the desire to create something bigger than ourselves, something larger-than-life that would leave an imprint on the hearts and minds of millions of people across the world.

Not every profession allows that opportunity and that’s why I can’t imagine not doing this. Do you feel the same way?

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