The Times Square snowboarding video: Why it went viral
christopher carfi

Good stuff. All great points. Some food for thought:

1) Casey did a very similar pretty successful snowboarding video in 2014 … It has 6.9M views … Call it a warm-up for this year’s epic New York, New York snowmageddon video. He learned how to make it <donaldtrump> HUUUUGE </donaldtrump> by learning some lessons. This was not his first time.

What changed? Better music. Better editing. Better story (the NYPD at the end of the 2016 vid is epic). But most of all: Better distribution partners, which leads me to …

2) The guy who did the filming/cinematography on Casey’s 2016 video is none other than Jesse Wellens (1.1M Twitter followers) who runs PrankvsPrank (9.5M YT subscribers, 1.5 FB subscribers) and BFvsGF (8.5M YouTube subscribers) … He posted/shared it as well as the making-of/behind-the-scenes. Not to be overlooked is Casey Neistat’s own audience: 350K Twitter followers, 1.9M YouTube subscribers, 295K Facebook likes (which you mentioned).

There are no accidents.

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