There is Seriously No Actual Good Reason You Should Not Vote for Bernie Sanders on June 7th.

Contrary to the popular narrative, voting for Hilary on June 7th is extremely impractical for anyone that actually gives any damns.

You know you want Single Payer health care,
You know you want to overturn Citizens United,
You know you want a more educated populace,
A vote for Bernie on June 7th will get us closer even if/when he eventually loses.

Now that HRC has pretty much wrapped up the nomination, all those people that said, “I love Bernie, but he can’t win” can vote their conscious and let the DNC know that its time to evolve towards the progressive message for their own long term survival.

“Game over Bernie, just go home”

No he shouldn’t. Democracy is about more then a single election cycle. There is a trajectory going on here that would be stupid for any democrat in a position of power to ignore. Bernie should not go home, he should keep forcing the DNC through its growing pains. First off the difference between Bernie and Hilary is not minor, and second, it is always good to give the American electorate a look under the hood of democracy. Change happens when people push, it doesn’t come easy.

“But HRC has to focus on Trump, Bernie is muddying up the gears. He should just support her and take on Trump together”

This is why Hillary should be embracing the populist wing of her party, Bernie supporters are pumped, they want to work hard for a better future. Throw us a bone, and we will help you burry Trump, and if you really tap us, the mid terms could look more favorable too. HRC’s resource to gain, not Bernie’s to give. HRC and DNC platform has given nothing to Bernie supporters other then lip service and dismissal.

“But, HRC has a history of getting things done”

Unfortunately, often the wrong thing.

“With this Partisan Grid Lock we need HRC’s Experience”

You seriously think that one least popular people on the left is going to break the gridlock? Bernie is America’s most popular senator. With cross partisan and independent support, the fundamental issues of gridlock can be addressed.

“Grow up, that grid lock is not going to get fixed by winning prom king. It requires knowing how to pull the levers in DC”

The gridlock is because of money. That is the real reason. There is only one presidential candidate that wants to reverse monied influence in Washington. One.

Your vote for Bernie is in our long term best interest, no matter who wins the remaining contests, a vote for Sanders is pushing the democratic party towards their most successful roots. Moving them out of this GOP lite embodiment and back towards new deal democrat values Bernie champions.

When you are in that booth and placing your vote, just take a second to think about all the opinions out there, dig deep down and do the right thing. Sanders is the strongest candidate, with the best ideas, consistently on the right side of history, and actually shares the values you want to see in the world.