An Infinite Online Drive is Good Idea.

What is Rime?

There are lots of apps on the internet which helps you to be creative, to express and to share updates online.

We made a platform which brings together all your creative contents in one place. You can follow people, like and comment on any content.

It’s a new way to see the world.

How Rime is Connecting World’s Information?

Rime connects your all digital life into one place by bringing your content spread across web on multiple social media and cloud apps. It helps consolidate all your data as well as helps people to know who are you and where are you online. Further, Rime analyse the data from web pages on Rime to get the Author(publisher) and provider (publisher website) details and connect them with user’s profile on Rime.

So What Can I do With Rime?

Think of it like a huge online drive account of yours. That has all the content you post anywhere on web across various app (your tweets, photos, videos, blogs, GIFs, Docs and almost everything). You are connected with your friends and followers on this new kind of online drive service.
Now wouldn't be it great you can see all his post in one place and like or comment on that as well as find and make collection of new content?

Unlike other social network you can’t post status updates on Rime. You link various apps that Rime supports to your Rime profile and it fetches your posts (GIFs, Docs, Photos, Blogs, Videos etc.) and puts into one unified timeline.

Submit any url to Rime input field
Like, Comment on any content from web

You can now like or comment on this feed on your Rime time line as well as you can make collection of web pages directly from web and like/comment on them too.

Frankly, there’s nothing on Rime that hasn’t been done before. In fact, its biggest feature is an all in one multiple network content feed onto one timeline.

Team has a pretty substantial list of new features its working on including adding support for Vine, Behance, Sound Cloud and many more. Rime is still in beta and the search field only works for user search not for content and yet there is no discovery feature (those will be coming soon), along with some content management features.

Today, Rime is more like using early-days Twitter or Facebook.

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