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It’s a feature added in MongoDB starting from the version 3.6, that give you an ability to keep you up to date with your data changes .

So in case of any changes(write messages: Insert, Update, Delete) that happen against a specific collection, it triggers a `change event` with the…

Yes!, we can execute DOM commands against documents or ( web pages ) using javascript.

Actually, it started to happen when the HTML document has been switched to designMode .

The entire document becomes editable, then the document object exposed new method called `execCommand`.

Most of the commands affect the…

Let’s talk first about the type and levels of locking :

Types of locking:

1- Read Lock or a shared lock:

The locked data is reserved for read by the current session. Other sessions can read the locked data. But they can not write (update) the locked data.

2- Write Lock or an exclusive lock:

The locked data is reserved for write by the…

Ibraheem Z. Abu Kaff

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