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I got graduated from the Cloud Developer nano-degree program ~ 2 weeks ago, and I decided to share my experience in quick Q&A, so if you have any other questions in your mind after reading this post, please don’t hesitate to comment.

What’s Udacity Nano-degree? 💡 💡

It’s an online certificate that you earn it after you enroll in one of the nano degree programs provided by Udacity.

How long will it take to graduate from the program? 🎓🎓🎓

Usually, most of the programs take ~ 4-6 months, but it depends on the program you enroll in, as each one…

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There are many ways to implement finding nearest locations by given latitude and longitude .

Some of the implementations can be achieved through a backend logic,

and the other ways can be done by utilizing some features(Spatial Indexes) provided by DBMSs’(Mysql, SQL, MongoDB,….etc).

In this post I will explain by example how we can do it with MongoDB.

What are Latitude and Longitude? , You can find more from here

How To ?

Let’s create a collection in MongoDb and we call it locations .

To Achieve the query of finding nearest locations by given latitude and longitude, we do the following…

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What is it ?

— A query language for your API .
— It is a methodology that directly competes with REST (Representational state transfer) APIs, much like REST competed with SOAP at first .
It’s not tied to a specific technology, but you can implement it in any language.

-GraphQL is a data query language using two types of requests queries (read operations retrieving data from the server) and mutations (write operations modifying data on the server).
- You can serve all the client requests with one endpoint.

Who and When did they develop that ?

GraphQL was developed internally by Facebook in 2012 before being publicly released in…

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It’s a feature added in MongoDB starting from the version 3.6, that give you an ability to keep you up to date with your data changes .

So in case of any changes(write messages: Insert, Update, Delete) that happen against a specific collection, it triggers a `change event` with the data that has been changed.

Change streams will engage developers to effectively use the control of MongoDB’s real-time usefulness to respond to pertinent information changes promptly.

What are the needed requirements to start using change stream in MongoDb ?

1- MongoDb version 3.6 or any version after it.
2- Create MongoDb Replica Set [How to create replica set using docker ? >]

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Yes!, we can execute DOM commands against documents or ( web pages ) using javascript.

Actually, it started to happen when the HTML document has been switched to designMode .

The entire document becomes editable, then the document object exposed new method called `execCommand`.

Most of the commands affect the document’s selection (bold, italics, etc.) .

Code, Code, and Code …..

Ahead to do some coding 🚀 … in the following example, we have a `div` which is editable, and we will execute some commands like `Bold`, `italic`, `delete` , and `adding an image` to that `div` via document’s commands :

Note: Run the Pen…

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How the requests are being handled inside Node.js server ?

First of all we need to know the main components inside any Node.js server :

1- Event Queue: It’s a queue that contains all the requests which are coming from the clients.

for example: When the node.js server gets 1,2,3,4,…n number of requests, all of them will be pushed to that queue , before being picked up by the event loop .

2- Event Loop: It’s a Component inside node.js server that allows node.js to perform non-blocking I/O operations, so event loop is picking up the requests from the Event…

…………………………Cross Origin Resource Sharing ………………………..

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Let’s start with the following screenshot!

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What’s Redux?

Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for managing application state [Wikipedia]

Actually, I will jump quickly, into an example so I can explain the Redux concept step by step in a better way .

Let’s assume that we have a React JS application , and this application has 3 Components , each component has its own states :

A- Component 1 has state object of ( X1, Y1 ).

B- Component 2 has state object of( X2 , Y2 ).

C- Component 3 has state object of ( X3 , Y3 ).

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What are the websocket’s headers that have to be configured ?

First of all we have to know the two types of HTTP headers :

1- End to end headers : Which must be transmitted to the ultimate recipient of a request or response.

2- Hop by Hop headers : Is getting transferred between intermediate points, so those headers are not stored by caches or forwarded by proxies .

Check here to read about Hop by hop headers.

So as a Note:

Web Sockets rely on hop by hop headers especially( `Connection` and `Upgrade`) , and as we just knew…

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Let’s talk first about the type and levels of locking :

Types of locking:

1- Read Lock or a shared lock:

The locked data is reserved for read by the current session. Other sessions can read the locked data. But they can not write (update) the locked data.

2- Write Lock or an exclusive lock:

The locked data is reserved for write by the current session. Other sessions can not read and write the locked data.

Levels of locking:

1- Table lock : All the rows will be locked when the table is locked. 2- Row lock : Some rows will be locked in the table , but other rows will not be locked…

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