media and society issues”mapnews website for example”

my first article in English, I prefer to write it on medium.
in this article I write about the job of media as website, to explain and put light on the society issues in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

for example: poverty which a lot of us have not idea about its effect and how it, and how the government treat it.

one example, the story which published on “mapnews website, about a poor family live in makkah. this family contain from 4 girls and one boy, who’s their father and mother left them. they have not any work or source of money, added to no education.

these girls live in makkah with Their blind brother, they struggle to work and get money to pay the rent of their flat.

how we know the story

when one of these girls gone to sell crops, a man slap her. then one see the accident and put it on the social media, but without all sides of the accident.

the teamwork of mapnews website and Editor-in-Chief ali bn ghrsan, decided to met these girls and publish their problem.

ali bn ghrsan Editor-in-Chief of mapnews Electronic newspaper, go with his team and make interview with the girls and the] blind boy. after that thee website upload the story on its channel on YouTube.

the story have ageat interactions from the society and the government, also it have 4244 comment on YouTube and Close to 1 million views.