Abstract : This note is a premise to what we believe should be part of our education learning system in a world where information is democratized, technology is accessible and frontiers do not exist anymore. The way we think and define ourselves toward this new world is key to the impact we can create and the positive changes we can have in people’s daily lives. You will discover in these words the fingerprints of a strong desire to make people successful. This is Solvers.

This note is intended to our partners, our early adopters, and individuals who firmly believe in fundamental changes and long term added-value in education.

As I am writing down this note, I know that I am sharing a part of what defines me, what keeps me excited. I grew up with the deep belief that everyone could have an impact, everyone could make a difference, everyone was solution.

I had the great opportunity to meet individuals who have spared some their time to challenge, mentor and help me grow. What I learned from this people is that there were always room for improvement, for growing and acquiring new skills. What I learned, helped me join one of the most inspiring and innovative company in the world : Google.

It was a one year journey, learning, sharing and collaborating with people all around the world. People who strongly believed that what they could have a positive and sustainable impact to the world.

It was an outstanding experience, and it push me to rethink how a positive and long term impact could be created on a large scale for generations to come in my country, Senegal and and expanded throughout the whole world.

Thus, Ateliers des Génies was born. It was in 2014.

It started with a lot of assumptions :

  • Our world need problem solvers, solution oriented people to face the growing challenges of our daily lives, people who were willing to make the world a better place.
  • Computer science and algorithmic could enable critical thinking
  • Kids should be challenged at the early age to always think about solution

Now Ateliers des Génies has launched his first program : Solvers.

It’s a 3 months curriculum which teach programming, algorithmic and enable critical and problem solving. it targets K12 and K16 youth with a focus on contextual learning. Basically we believe that the more kids can relate to what they are learning and experiencing, the more they will get it.

Now Ateliers des Génies received a 25 000 USD grant from OSIWA in partnership with Jokkolabs to develop the curriculum, scale the impact and create a disruptive change on education.

Now Ateliers des Génies is partnering with Village SOS Senegal to offer Solver’s scholarships through OSIWA’s grant for vulnerable boys and girls.

Now Ateliers des Génies is closely working with Sup’imax,a leading multimedia and digital school in Senegal, to experiment and improve the curriculum.

Now, Ateliers des Génies is partnering with Grow Strategyzer and Giving Back to engage successful people, as advisors, mentors and to help focus the vision.

Now, Ateliers des Génies is closely working with CortimaGroup to build a strong, inspiring brand and global marketing/communication strategy.

Now Ateliers des Génies is taking its first steps.

However, we’re always wondering: What could be done better? How can we grow our impact? What can we learn? Who should we partner with to enhance our strategy? What are we missing?

If you’d like to learn more, contribute, or just follow us on our journey, feel free to ping me.