China’s major supermarket chain Ole’ for imported food is now carrying DANALC baby biscuits and baby cereals in its stores everywhere.

In the image you can see a beautiful pictorial of one of Ole’ Lifestyle Experiences store front, designed for the china’s higher lifestyle tastes.

The supermarket chain has partnerships with over 100 brand names worldwide in order to import top quality food into the Chinese’s market. Imported food make over 85% of Ole’s sales, says the company.

Ole’ Lifestyle Experiences supermarkets, owned by CRC Vanguard company in China is rapidly expanding throughout china currently owning over 50 stores in various cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanning, Xi’an, Shenyand and Zhongshan.

DANALAC Everywhere

DANALAC is a registered trade mark of Dana Dairy. We produce and market our infant food collection to the world market. The product line includes a line of complete infant formula series including a basic 3 stage formula as well as other special type formulas targeted to the infant market.

Our DANALAC product series also include a baby cereal collection of ten various flavors that includes with or without milk combinations. You can see this product on display in Ole’ market in the pictures here.

We also produce three wonderful flavors of DANALAC infant biscuits for babies that have just started teething. The biscuits are suitable for munching on as they are (under an adult observation of course.) And also, they make a great snack when milk or water is added for a softer baby bite.

At Dana Dairy, we are proud to see our wonderful products at the Chinese baby market. We hope to expand rapidly throughout China. And we wish great luck for everyone at Ole’ Lifestyle Experiences chain supermark