“Mess The World” by Trump

After the “Miss World” , Trump is ongoing on the “Mess the World”
I will tell you a story ;
 Imagine a bunch of beautiful girls (we can do the same story with boys version) , with plenty of potential and beauty (we can imagine other qualities to be -even subjectively- rated)
 Of course each one of us is unique even with a lot of « ressemblance »

You tell them Now you are in a competition to know who is the best of you girls !

At the beginning , the competition , might , be friendly, but when time get serious, each is working to be THE STAR.

With the competition phases moves on , some « leaders » appears and as fast as it happen each of the others girls join the ONE that inspire her, or simply admire (even with no clear reason )

and then the « Sabotage » events started .

Even it is only a spray of pepper or credit card stolen the rivals do anything with the help of others.

Well, we can also think about rivalry that we might encounter in work , high schools universities and real life …

And even if we didn’t put this Miss zone competition , these girls (and not all girls) might compete in real life but still the competition is a catalyzer.

The kind of rivality and« sabotage to death » is maybe seen also and a lot in politics and this is what is about.

Saudi King Salman Bin Abdelaziz (or Abdul Aziz) Al Saud (2nd from L) dances the ‘ardha’ or traditional sword dance with US President Donald Trump in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 20, 2017. — (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead — public domain)

If I took the Miss world analogy , I wanted to speak about what is still ongoing in MENA region;

The social Media especially in Arab world are talking about the diplomacy Ban of Qatar by a Saudi led and UAE-viceLed group of Nations, 
 The Saudi Kingdom is the Favorite -MENA or at Least Gulf- « Miss » . Well I suppose patriarchal people there might deeply not like my analogy , but they are freely to replace it by the Favorite Selfish politicians … if ever they are politicians.

Well I am not to defend the Qatar , and of course, especially in Arab world , many people in Social Media are kind of happy of this BAN, because of the decade-runned Qatari policy in trying or contributing to Chaos in Other countries , mainly with Media strength and the Al Jazeera supremacy and « propaganda journalism » ( and the fact that AJ sport now BEINsports are practicing very high subscription rates )

I am not to defend the politics of Saudi Arabia , that is characterized by a crusade on those not following their path … which is not about spreading a Wahabi rite story

… nor it is not about Saudi Arabia being the defender of Islam (just like a bad boy that want to be the boss) … as far as the some US wars in the past (Irak mainly) wasn’t about bringing democracy or fighting terror but more a matter of interest.

The external Saudi Arabia politic is more about not crossing the RedLine : « DON’T affair with IRAN !!! » the main KSA rival in the « I am the BOSS » competition 
 which roughly means globally , you should be in the US camp.

Well the saudi kingdom has it matter of influence ;

In past White House administration a deal was sealed between west and Iran around Iran Nuclear Program , and we have seen that it might contribute to lower the global warming (not the one linked to climate change) but at final it was throwing fuel on fire !

Saudi Arabia sulks US administration even till the first weeks of Trump era, due to visa ban case. Trump remains a business man and he found out how to « volteFace » and take position against Iran, as he did with Taiwan when China concealed some cases.
 Saudi Arabia Rulers might was afraid of the eventual pursuit Trump was aiming to allow against the countries that Terrorists come from and it is mainly the KSA.
 So welcome M. Trump « said KSA » here it 400 billions $ deals :) with 110B of armements deals.

And this is why I started the story by an analogy of Miss Universe or any alike competition

Trump who owned in the past the Miss Universe organization with all a sety of misogyn allegation (http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/timeline-of-trumps-creepiness-while-he-owned-miss-universe-w444634)

started a new journey in the Make Them battle … and let’s enjoy the show !

And this is what he is doing now forward, the MENA region started to break out.

Syria become a Mess , the situation is more profitable if the military engagement is not as strong as it was, the war need to stay cold now.

Wednesday, Turkey parliament agreed to send military forces to Qatar in order to help them … to restructure and strengthen !!

Is Turkey taking, implicitely, a Position ?
 We knew Erdogan has established excellent relations with former Egyptian president Morsi and settled economic agreements and factories construction , the same president Morsi that is from the political party associated with Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, which Muslim Brotherhood supported by Qatar … and most importantly by Iran.

And as a mark of current strength of relations between Turkey and Iran, three Turks days after visit of President Erdoğan in 2015, few days after a « high-level » visit of Erdogan in Iran
 The Turks were alleged drug traffic and seems both countries was having better to discuss than this case.

The rewarming of relationship became stronger between both countries again especially after the failed coup that targeted Erdogan , a coup alleged to US camp and probably pushed or granted by Saudi Arabia and its fellows.

And so, after the deployment of troops of Turkey in Qatar, and the appeared position of Turkey to not follow Saudi Arabia Initiative or even go through Iran « camp » what would be the future of the Saudi-Turkey “strategic * cooperation council » agreed on Dec 2015?
 * security, military, economic, trade, energy and investment
 The position of Turkey seems to be officially a « not Anti-Saudi but pro-Qatar » as Turkish experts had expressed Thursday morning two days after the Saudi-led ban on Qatar.
 These opinions, expressed on Aljazeera (Qatari main private worldwide media channel) are probably driven / pushed by Turkey officials to avoid having to issue an official press release … but it is quite equivalent to sending Message from Ankara to Ryadh … through Doha !


The Split of the region started . The gulf would start to be divided and I’m not surprised if Houthi forces (or Any Iran supported movement) gain some positions again in the upcoming weeks (all technical military aspects apart) .
 Now, The Syrian forces opposition might became stronger but always through the militias and armed opposition troops and the pro-regime forces.

Bahrain clashes and protests might restart again, around the rights of Shia majority population in a Sunni-ruled country. Protests started in 2011 and it was Saudi that helped Bahraini government to restore « public order ».
 The Saudi led ban on Qatar will certainly mark a new era where the region’s countries would need to go clearer in their alliance , even if it is only moving some pawns here and there.

There is, in Arab world, an expression ; « laki slouka » that literally means that someone is connecting some electrical cables, but it is used with to express that someone is creating tensions between two people … or entities.

Well, « Sir Trump » is maybe not creating tensions directly , but he is creating the atmosphere for them … as it is in any Miss Universe alike competition, competition of Ego Appearance and show business …

Not I am Saying that he might have been a great electrician … but even if Kevin Spacey Said that president Trump finally wasn’t listening to him « playing character Francis Underwood in House of Cards » he might been inspired by the Lord Baelish « Littlefinger » of Games Of Thrones

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