Breaking The Streak

I’ve been wanting to write and publish a new post for a very long time, but I was having a rough fight with Resistance.

Each time I tried to write, I wanted to write something that justifies my absence after the last post I published. But that never happened because I always ended up procrastinating, using that post as an excuse.

I convinced myself every time that I should write a high quality article, and since such a thing takes longer time, I said to myself: “I’ll schedule it for later”, and I got stuck in the perfection loop again.

So today, instead of trying to justify why I didn’t published anything for that long period of time, I’m just publishing this to overcome Resistance, and that’s the only reason.

Even though I win against it everyday in other areas, when it comes to writing and publishing it’s having a long winning streak.

Today, the second I click on that “Publish” button, I’ll be breaking Resistance’s winning streak.

Have a great day!

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