Start Small, Grow Slow

If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.” ― Napoleon Hill

I talked yesterday about raising the bar, but today I’m looking at it from a different perspective. I still believe that it’s a great way to constantly grow and become a better person. But what’s more important than raising the bar, is how high are you raising it?

I mentioned in yesterday’s post too that I’m taking a new challenge, but today I discovered that I’m not ready for it yet. I guess that’s just me falling back into my past way of thinking. I’m talking about perfectionism. Because I wanted my next posts to be perfect somehow.

Since I completed my first challenge, which was to write and publish everyday for a month, I wanted to take my next challenge to the next level. So I raised the bar so high that I didn’t even know where to start in the first day (which was yesterday). And today, I almost felt paralyzed by that challenge, because I didn’t know where to start neither.

But I did what I suggested in my article called “Where To Start?” and just started writing. Only then, I discovered that I made a mistake by trying to accomplish something I’m not ready for yet. I still need more practice before I get to the next level.

It made me think about past experiences and what I’ve learned during my life. And one of the most valuable lessons that I always mention is: It’s about progress not perfection.

I’d rather do better than what I did yesterday, than to challenge myself to do better than a whole month, and don’t even do it. That’s why I started with that quote by Napoleon Hill, because it reminded me that small things combined are way better than one great thing not accomplished.

To make it clear I’ll give you an example: Babies don’t start their lives by jumping from the first day they were born. It takes a lot of time to learn how to sit, how to crawl, how to stand, how to walk, how to run, then how to jump… You see where this is going?

It’s those baby steps that lead to success. Imagine a baby thinking about jumping the day he is born, he will soon realize that he can’t do it from his position. Either he will figure out that it takes a long process to get there and follow it, or he will feel paralyzed and think that he’ll never be able to do it.

The same thing applies to our journey to success. We should know that it takes a lot of small steps to get to our destination.

Those who think that it will only take one big step or jump to get to their destination will soon face the harsh reality and realize that it’s much harder than they thought.

But that shouldn’t stop us from challenging our limits, because only by doing so that we’ll know what we are capable of doing.

It’s a must to challenge ourselves to grow into better persons, but always make it achievable. Push through your limits, but don’t take it too far too soon. Think long-term, follow the baby steps, and trust the process.

Start small, grow slow!

How often do you take new challenges? How far do you take it beyond your limits? Share your story below.

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