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AWS is a cloud platform offering compute power, data storage, and a wide array of other solutions for modern organizations. Elastic Compute Cloud (more commonly known as EC2) one of the most powerful services offered by AWS was also one of the first released in 2006. …

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Fun fact: JavaScript, the unchallenged king of the client, was written in 10 days by a single programmer. Of course, it did not have all the features of the JavaScript that we know and love today (you do love it, don’t you?).

JavaScript is now being used by over 69% of developers and 94% of all websites use it to build out their dynamic application logic. It’s come a long way since its inception in the mid-90s but let’s talk about how it all started off.

The year was 1995. Batman Forever was in theatres, eBay had just started their online shopping website and Netscape was the most popular browser. This was during the time of the browser wars which was between Netscape’s Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Java was a lot more popular back then. It was the rich client application model of those days where you could create applets and have rich client experience with the browser. …

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You may have stumbled across a video of the Google assistant placing a call to a hair salon and having an unnaturally natural conversation with the receptionist. If you haven’t, take a look:

Notice how it dropped in a super casual “mmhmmm” early in the conversation. Sounds eerie, doesn’t it?

The technology that enabled this jaw-dropping new capability is called Google Duplex. It really feels like next-level AI stuff so let’s take a sneak-peek at what’s happening behind the scenes.

Google Duplex employs a machine learning platform called TensorFlow extended. What the heck is TensorFlow? TensorFlow is an open source framework that was released by Google. It makes it easier for developers to design, build, and train deep learning models. Simply put, deep learning is an approach to machine learning where it facilitates in the learning process of the machine. Deep learning imitates the function of the brain; to be specific, it mimics the neural system. …


Ibrahim Tareq

Developer Evangelist @ MessageMedia

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