This is not Pukhtun Culture, this is obscenity

Author: Zahid Wardag & et-al

History knows that pukhtuns are brave, hospitable, modest and patriot, but unportuenatly, the way pukhtun culture is presenting in Pushtu films and dramas is intolerable for a sensitive, educated, social and honorable societies.

Few decades ago in Pushtu dramas, you would see the real picture of Pushtu culture. But in present world wine, drugs, obscenity and vulgarity is not only presenting openly in poshto dramas, but it is considered an accumbent part of every film and drama. Gun and a bottle of wine in hands is considered an important part of hero’s dressing. These unpleasant scenes actually destroying our culture and image throughout the world.

The so called producers, directors, and actors are responsible for suchacts as they are destroying our culture for the greed of some capital. Now a days three characters are very famous in this field and they are Muhammad Hussain swati, Jhanger khan and Arbaz khan.Shahid khan also contributed a lot in this field.All of them led our innocence children and youth towards modesty, vulgarity, Gambling and drugs.

Dear readers, Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam.We have many political and Islamic parties in our country such as JI, JUI etc.They claim that they are the real defenders of Islam but they are silent on this issue while on the other hand, people with an empty slogan (naya Pakistan) are also silent to take nay leagel action on it. Scencer board does not perform its duety and it is shameful for concern authorities.

It is need of the day to rise the voice against this vulgarity. If this is continue likewise, it will mislead our youth to the world of distruction and we will be enable then to do something.This is the time of action, otherwise, we will have to pay the cost in future.

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