My experience in Bootcamp so far

Today at Andela was more intense than yesterday. Why did I say that? I thought I said yesterday that it was becoming less intense, well that was only yesterday, today is a different day. It was intense because I was finding it difficult to understand what I was learning so that I can produce a result by building an application. I went through all the materials available to me to understanding the project but all they do is confuse me even more.
I had less than an hour to submit the application that I am supposed to build and I haven’t typed in a letter to my text editor and I had another assignment to do besides this one. Now you see why I said it was intense? I became uncomfortable, overwhelmed by the tiredness ensued from the task of today.
This went on for a while and then it hit me, why not complete the other assignment which is less time consuming and simpler than staying on this forever even though this one is much more important and with the higher score. Yes, that was the contingency plan and I had to take it. 
So I started on my other assignment as fast as I can. That was 45 minutes to the submission deadline, I had to rush the work but at the same time worried I might not submit them on time. I was WORRIED. Then I thought to myself, hold on a second, worrying won’t help you, relax and think, and all will be fine. That I did, I stopped worrying and I finished my other assignment and went straight to the major one. Although I didn’t complete it as I wanted but I did something at least.
The lesson learned today was to stop worrying about things, instead relax and think things well then the solution will become visible. Like I said yesterday, knowledge is power.