Three Interesting colleagues I have met this Boot Camp

When I got into boot camp, I was having a feeling that it will be like that first time I attempted boot camp. Then, everyone was too busy and barely have time for others, even when someone is stuck in his/her task, there is less chance of getting help from the other boot campers. I am actually talking about my group though. Then, my skills were still very weak and I needed a lot of help but only had little of it. In short, there was little collaboration and everyone seem to mind their own business.
This boot camp, however, turned out to very different than the previous one attended. Everyone in my group is so cool, friendly and funny and collaborates well. I was really intrigued by the level of collaboration we had to the extent that when one person gets stuck, the other person is ready to keep his work aside and assist. They are like family. Let me tell you about three of them, Henry, Olamiposi, and Temi.

Henry is cool, funny, and crazy in a cute kinda way. He programs in Java, PHP, nodejs and has been doing that for a while and so he is skilled. He takes his time to explain things to you where you are unclear about something. He is natural. Hails from the southern part of Nigeria but grew up in the north.

Ola is another funny and crazy person. I like the expressions on his face and the gestures he makes when he doesn’t understand something, I also like his eagerness to know learn. He programs in nodejs and he is also good. He likes asking questions just like me. And he likes going extreme. I call him a hacker because he uses a Linux OS and he laughs whenever I say that. He hails from Ondo and likes listening to music when he works on his hacker looking Linux.

Temi, a quiet guy who likes wearing glasses. He is cool and also skilled. He programs in Python, Java, and C. I learned some things from him. I like the way he speaks. He graduated from the University of Bournemouth and he is someone who loves to learn.

My family at Boot Camp

I really wish that we all make it into the fellowship together. We feel like a family, anyone of us who makes it into the fellowship without the other would create some sort of emptiness in us. I love you guys.