The hMoney.ONE has been launched to support further development of dApps and the expansion of Harmony adoption globally.

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hMoney Mobile Wallet

Harmony, one of the fastest and open blockchains for decentralized applications, has achieved secure and random state sharding. It supports several nodes in multiple shards which produce blocks within a few seconds with instant finality. Furthermore, its sharding comes with secured proof-of-stake and decentralized randomness ensuring that networking achieves optimal cross-shard routing and fast block propagation.

However, Harmony Protocol didn’t have a dedicated mobile wallet that supported ONE or any other HRC-20 Tokens.

iBriz received a grant at the end of July to build a mobile wallet for Harmony protocol. The wallet was much needed for further development of dApps and expansion of Harmony adoption globally. The mid of September is the time when iBriz launched the most awaited harmony mobile wallet, also known as hMoney.ONE. …

Dear Harmony Community,

We have reached the 5th week release of hMoney.one wallet and hope you have had a chance to try our wallet app on android or iOS. Feedback and suggestions from the Harmony Community on the UI and QR code support updates were very helpful and appreciated. Most of the suggestions have been incorporated and we’re looking forward to more constructive feedback in the future.

Read on for updates and additions coming in the 5th week’s release:

Here we are with our for 4th week milestones. Before moving to the 4th-week updates let’s revisit the features we’ve released in the previous week.

We greatly appreciate all the feedback we have received so far from the community. In week 4 we round out the full set of basic wallet functionality with the following additional features.

Week 4 Milestone



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