A P-Rep candidate that will make things happen

Today iBriz.ai became one of the 70+ organizations to apply for P-Rep (validator node) for the ICON foundation Eco — System. iBriz.ai is a technology company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area with a global presence.

Primarily focused on AI and Blockchain, iBriz.ai has been working with ICON for some time through various contributions such as early development of example dApps, presentations at different blockchain events, hosting workshops at conferences and offering trainings to boost the developer ecosystem. Outside of ICON they have also conducted courses on smart contract development. Often guest speakers at world class universities like CMU.

“Our goal is not only to expand ICON’s ecosystem and community but also to educate the public at large globally on the blockchain technology. Blockchain is not only a technological breakthrough but also an economic model that will disrupt the existing financial systems. We feel that this movement will bring greater efficiency, transparency, security and accessibility to the economic order. A more equitable wealth distribution will help alleviate global poverty. We feel that ICON with its powerful technology and visionary leadership is poised to do just that. “ iBriz.ai team.

iBriz.ai is well known in the Bay Area community. Their first interaction with the ICON family was through an AI hackathon organized for Emirates Airlines. As a key member of the organizing body, iBriz CEO (Bijay Niraula) was able to invite DaVinci Labs, a member of the Dayli Finacial Group. So iBriz.ai has a good history of working with this family of companies. They believe that an organization is only as good as the people that are involved. Their experience with the ICON team has been extremely collaborative, friendly, and built on mutual respect and trust.

iBriz.ai is continuing to add to the ICON community with more in depth dApp development projects and model DAO designs. They have worked closely with the ICON core team both in Korea and San Francisco to help better the ICON technology platform.

Their participation in the P-Rep node will add one more chapter to their already existing extensive involvement in the ICON eco-system. In addition to their deep knowledge in the ICON technology, iBriz.ai also has much experience across multiple Blockchains. They have successfully developed and launched specific projects on Ethereum. Working on multiple global client projects, iBriz.ai is now ready to develop and deploy their own dApps on ICON adopting the DAO principles.

Keen to develop ICON developer pool globally, iBriz.ai is currently developing talent in Nepal through a 10 week blockchain training course that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and ICON blockchains.

iBriz.ai aims to mobilize its global presence, it’s deep understanding of the ICON technology, its world class tech knowhow, and its belief in the ICON leadership to add substantial value to the ICON foundation so that all the ICONsits benefit. Their hope is to gain the trust of the ICONists and become one of the 22 P-Reps.

To join our discussion in Telegram: https://t.me/ibriz_prep

Find more about our candidacy: https://icon.community/iconsensus/candidates/118/

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With a deep history of commitment to building projects that foster community growth & personal empowerment we work to create a nation built on trust with icon.

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