Top 10 kindergarten Singapore

There are over 500 preschools in Singapore offering a wide range of early learning curricula, facilities and services. In almost all areas of Singapore there are options to suit parents’ needs: from flexible drop-off, pick-up times and calendar dates to full day child care centers with minimal holiday periods. Little Steps’ instruction accomplice, ITS, investigates well known top 10 kindergarten singapore — and what folks ought to consider when choosing where their minimal ones ought to go.


1) Personality of your kid: Will your tyke be agreeable in nature socially, candidly and scholastically?

2) Curriculum: Ensure that you comprehend and are certain about the school instructional method and theory.

3) Environment: Is it perfect and safe? Are the educators completely qualified and enrolled with the right Governing bodies, for example, MOE (Ministry of Education), MCYS (Ministry of Community advancement, Youth and Sports), and CPE (Council for Private Education).

4) Cost: Whether the school charges fall above or beneath your financial plan, it is imperative to be OK with the earth and accept that the training is justified regardless of the cost. The expense just goes up, never down!!!

5) Location: For a few folks, this is not a thought. For those kids who take a transport to class, take note of that what may take 10 minutes in an auto can stretch out to up to 30 minutes on a transport.

Here are top 10 kindergarten singapore

1. Odyssey

At Odyssey, we investigate the world we live in through the eyes of our kids, and together, learning is enhanced through their curiosity and our persistent concentrate on the world as our classroom. Our dedication to sustaining kids broadens past our exploration based educational module, cutting edge learning spaces and best-in-class teachers. Our educational module methodology spins around experimentation, investigation and experiential learning.

2. EtonHouse

EtonHouse is headquartered in Singapore with more than 100 pre-schools and schools spreading crosswise over Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong,Korea, Japan, Cambodia,Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar today. Together these schools give superb universal training to more than 10,000 youngsters over 61 distinct nationalities.

3. Pat’s Schoolhouse

Pat’s Schoolhouse has had the effect in the lives of a huge number of kids in Singapore and abroad for over 25 years. Since its foundation in 1988, Pat’s Schoolhouse has stayed at the bleeding edge of ahead of schedule youth instruction in Singapore. Today, Pat’s Schoolhouse is famous for magnificence as a main preschool supplier for kids matured 2 months to 6 years. Based on the proceeded with backing of our guardians and the unflinching energy of her expert group to give of their absolute best, Pat’s Schoolhouse now runs 15 preschools.

4. Rain Trees

Downpour Trees is a universal kindergarten & preschool that gives a minding, fun & inviting environment for kids fundamentally from the global group in Singapore matured somewhere around 2 and 6 years.At Rain Trees we expect to give an innovative domain, which is both invigorating and testing.

5. Rosemount International School.

Built up in 1999, Rosemount International School is a private universal top 10 kindergarten school in singapore giving educating at the preparatory (kindergarten) and junior school (essential) levels. In no time Rosemount has five levels of learning — Prep 1,2,3 & Grade 1 & 2.

Our educational module is based on a request based logic in which understudies are urged to question, find and convey through an interdisciplinary and coordinated way to deal with learning.

6. Brighton Montessori

Brighton Montessori is the latest expansion to the Knowledge Universe crew. With 5 premium childcare focuses working in Singapore, Brighton Montessori is eminent in Singapore for its solid projects which cover the whole range of Montessori preparing for youngsters matured year and a half to 6 years old. The dynamic educational program holds fast to Montessori measures with accentuations on math, phonics and perusing combined with a hands-on way to deal with learning. Every youngster is tested to his potential in an inventive, animating and steady environment, and they rise as sure people with solid faculties of start and inspiration, and above all, an adoration for learning.

7. Stamford American International School.

The Nursery Program at Stamford American International School is a glad and energizing background for youngsters that will manufacture an inspirational mentality toward learning. Inside of the connection of idea based learning, we give an abundance of encounters in a protected and loose environment, drove by a group of profoundly experienced instructors who spend significant time in Early Childhood training.

8. Australian International School

Our Preschool kids learn through a comprehensive, request based educational program under the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) system. Their instruction is guided by the reasoning of Reggio Emilia, which puts the youngster at the focal point of the learning trip.

9. Swallows and Amazons

We accept kids ought to have some good times. Fortunately for them the proof demonstrates that preschool age youngsters learn most through play. Play is crucial for youngsters to grow abnormal state social procedures and in addition physical and mental abilities. At Swallows and Amazons Kindergarten and Enrichment Center educators know why, when and how they can help “play” turn into an advancing, significant learning knowledge with the goal that kids can satisfy their potential.

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