Alternative Medicine and Massage Therapy

Complementary, alternative and integrative health are often used alongside conventional medicine and can encompass the use of natural products as well as mind and body practices. The most common mind and body approaches are yoga, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation, meditation, and massage therapy. Each of these techniques have documented benefit in pain management, relief of symptoms (particularly with cancer patients and survivors) and in promoting healthy behaviors ­ also known as preventative medicine.

A growing number of Americans are interested in nonconventional medicinal care. This shift is a reaction to mainstream health visits not meeting clients needs and an overall resurgence in ancient and historical medicinal knowledge and benefit. As some Americans tire of a pill dispenser for breakfast, they are turning inward and trying to utilize their bodies deep resilience and regenerative potential.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 40% of Americans report using alternative medicine therapies for pain control. Individuals suffering from chronic pain and those undergoing chemotherapy rely heavily on physical therapy like massage. Receiving a massage is more than relaxing, for some people it is their lifeline. The constancy of physical pain is uncomfortable and mentally trying which is why it is crucially important that pain management patients are treated by competent and compassionate massage therapists.

At the Institute for Business Technology (IBT) in Santa Clara, California students are trained to enter the healthcare workforce with confidence. IBT offers a hands­on program where students gain real­world experience at the on­site clinic. Entry­level mastery happens under the supervision of experienced massage therapists that provide guidance and correction as students employ their healing touch. Serving the Silicone Valley since 1965, graduates of IBT are prepared to sit the MBLEX and CAMTC Certifications and start healing! If you are looking to study massage around San Jose, Palo Alto, Milpitas, Sunnyvale or Cupertino, IBT is the place for you.