Dedicated to those Matt Left Behind, His Wife and 2 Boys.

There are things that happen in life that don’t make any sense at all.

You hear someone describing what just happened with words, language, sound, but time had already stood still. Everything that your ears are picking up on is just blurred noise.

He died.

Those words can’t possibly be real.

They don’t come any slower or clearer.

You know its what you heard. But you didn’t really hear it.

Did you?

Remembering Matt

My wife, Julia, heard the words from one of the administrators at her workplace, a group home organization for individuals living with severe Autism.

His name was Matt, a coworker who handled all of the maintenance requests at the various houses where the residents live. Matt was a father of 2 young boys, around the same age as our kids. …


Jason Spencer

I Build TRIBES. Business Incubation Strategist. I help artists and entrepreneurs attract a TRIBE for their ideas, businesses and movements.

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