Everything is Better Together — The Untouchables

The Andela bootcamp is no easy feat. I think that comes out quite clearly in my blogposts! My team has had my back through it all and have come through when I needed them.

I first saw Bernard, our facilitator on one of the videos Andela posted online. When I found out he’d be our facilitator I was excited! He started out at Andela without a coding background, just like I am, and he made it in! Point of inspiration right there. Since I e-met him, my opinion of him only got better. He’s a fantastic guy, soft spoken and quite possibly the sharpest knife in the drawer! Our first call with him really put all of us at ease. I think we all came in with our expectations and fears and he laid them all to rest. Bernard, shukran.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about our team. We’re all quite new to coding but I like the work ethic everyone has. You’ll probably find us posting messages on our slack group at odd hours of the night. Harith is my late night coding partner. Great guy, exudes loads of confidence and brings calm by just speaking to you. He’s lives in Mombasa and is in this with us in Nairobi, the same city Andela’s in. If that’s not passion, I don’t know what is!

I’ve struggled quite a bit with the challenges, sometimes almost to the point of despair. Michael’s determination always picks me up from this point. Man. This guy is determined. He doesn’t give up! He keeps at it, asks question after question until he gets it. This inspires me to keep working, keep trying till I get it. Cheers baba :)

Dolphine’s another determined teammate. I think out of all of us, she’s probably had the hardest time accessing content and reaching us because of her poor internet connectivity. Yet she puts the work in, asks a lot of questions and delivers. Dolphine, you’re an inspiration.

I have a great team and I do hope we all make the cut on Tuesday. I think we can if we work together and help each other get there.

Till tomorrow.