American Girl Gang
Steve Gillmor

Great discussion on the analogies between political parties and enterprises promising to delight and falling short. Or worse. Delighting once. Then failing to repeat. Triggering rebellion rather than creating loyalty.

Authentically addressing customers by refreshing their passions for policies and products is over the long term more sustainable.

Cases in point:

Republican and Democrat elites stopped listening to working class voters, triggering Trump and Sanders.

Apple and Microsoft elite product managers stopped listening to developers, triggering slumps in sales of core products.

Apple has been caught napping on its Mac range by Microsoft, as of April 7, 2016 Mac Rumors has issued six don’t buys on Macs. Microsoft listened adding linux bash$ to Windows 10. Triggering the first buy on Windows over Mac for developers since Vista in 2007. “Hackindows” machine under a grand for VR to iPhone/Andriod (and enterprise software).

Tim Cook, the developers?

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