[ICAC interview] | IOST’s highest contribution partner in Q 1: Sutler Ventures

May 15, 2019 · 3 min read

SV is the leading U.S. based node of IOST / SV是总部位于美国的领先节点

SV is the leading U.S. based node, bringing together prominent investors, developers and enthusiasts for the growth of the IOST ecosystem. By utilizing its block rewards, internal resources and network, Sutler Ventures aims to invest, promote and assist in the growth of IOST-focused projects and companies, resulting in a truly fair, decentralized and user-focused community.

SV是总部位于美国的领先节点,聚集了著名的投资者、开发者和IOST生态系统发展爱好者。通过利用区块奖励、内部资源和网络,Sutler Ventures的目标是以项目和公司为核心投资、促进和帮助iost的成长,从而形成一个真正公平、分散和以用户为中心的社区。

The team at Sutler Ventures reached Tier 1 node status through a combination of unique content, partner integrations, community building, and event meetups.

Sutler Ventures的团队通过结合独特的内容、合作伙伴集成、社区构建和活动聚会,达到了Tier 1节点的状态。

Unique Content 独特的内容

The IOST Podcast :

The IOST Podcast

IOST Weekly Update :

IOST Weekly Update

Tier 1 IOST Node :

Tier 1 IOST Node

IOST DApp Tier List :

IOST DApp Tier List

Integrations 集成

BlockVenture Coalition :

BlockVenture Coalition

Events 活动

IOST Meetup (Boston, MA USA):

IOST Meetup (Boston, MA USA)

“IOST is connecting the entire cryptocurrency industry through a new protocol that combines decentralization, ease-of-use and security under the belief that a fair, equitable system can be established for all. We’re excited to bring our resources and network to such an innovative team and ecosystem.” — Mike Finch, Founding Partner

“IOST正在通过一种新的协议连接整个加密货币行业,该协议结合了分散化、易用性和安全性,相信可以为所有人建立一个公平、公平的系统。我们很高兴将我们的资源和网络带到这样一个创新的团队和生态系统。” — — 迈克·芬奇,创始合伙人

Contect us 联系我们

Telegram: https://t.me/sutlerventures

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SutlerVentures

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/35514019/admin/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1T_n-RR3Shg3qULpbkh-lA

What is ICAC?

ICAC is an IOST Core governance Community initiated by IOST Pacific. Its full name is IOST Core Arbitration Community. It is a fair and open third-party IOST Community organization, which does not represent the official, foundation or any node.

The vision of ICAC is to promote the construction and improvement of IOST community, to attract global blockchain technology and governance enthusiasts to understand and participate in IOST, to build a rich and diverse governance communication community for IOST, to gradually transform IOST to community governance, to continuously expand the cohesion of IOST, and to form a strong and irreplaceable consensus mechanism.

Contact Us

For more information, please visit the following address:










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Como la comunidad de gobernanza central de IOST, la ICAC es responsable de la educación y la formación de la gobernanza comunitaria.

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