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El interés por transformar los negocios de antaño en organizaciones modernas, que se muevan al ritmo de las demandas de los mercados y de nuevas generaciones empieza a hacerse una moda; una moda necesaria que en otras regiones ya empieza a brotar como una iniciativa prioritaria al saber que nuevos actores aparecen y pueden agregar más valor del que otros ya han hecho varias décadas pasadas.

Los datos hablan por si solos de cómo grandes empresas han estado adquiriendo a empresas más pequeñas con diferentes intenciones de por medio: moverse más rápido, diversificarse, trasladarse a un contexto digital a través de estos entes, o la más agresiva, cambiar su cultura. …

Wondering what you can accomplish in 12 weeks? We’d say a lot. Apply for an internship at Icalia Labs and be a part of helping us build something big.


Develop a product from scratch, receive mentorship from our developers and designers, gain full access to our learning platforms, rewards and creative time.


12 weeks of summer internship. Starting on May, ending on August. If you build an amazing product, your internship can be extended.

Graphic Design students with knowledge in:
Nice to have: HTML/CSS & Sketch

Ready to apply? …

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Use Case Scenario

Consider an older person using an online groceries shopping app. He/She would like to save time by not having to go grocery shopping and not having to worry about the never-ending lines at the supermarket.

Your design should show how to incorporate this functionality in an online shopping app. It should:

1.Make it easy for users to navigate through the different products and find what they are looking for.

2.Show the user a final preview of what they are ordering.

3.And to have it delivered to their home.


1.You may use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Sketch to send your…


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