Importance of Mobile App Testing

Hey are you planning to launch new mobile app? Must read this

Before publish apps on iTunes, Google play and windows market you have to test it so you don’t have to face those crashes and rejection issues which will make delay.

Types of testing which must undertake

· Functional Testing

· Performance Testing

· Memory Leakage Testing

· Interrupt Testing

· Usability testing

· Installation testing

· Certification Testing

· Security Testing

Functional Testing

This is the primary testing of the app for all functional which are working as per requirements and generating results and working as per software requirement specification.

Performance Testing

This is the main testing which will generate result of app in terms of performance like how fast its working and what’s performance status for the app because normal user will love app if performance of app is good. This is also depends on simultaneous access with other running apps.

Memory Leakage Testing

Memory management and testing of memory (RAM) consumed by the app is primary feature on which app working like if app is unable to manage memory and contain too much RAM than phone will work slow.

Interrupt Testing

When any events happens with phone like coming of any call ,sms or mms at that time app have to store data into one stage and there are several segment like battery removal , network outage or flight mode activated so on these stages.

Usability testing

Usability testing is carried out to verify if the application is achieving its goals and getting a favorable response from users. So you can use Beta testing among users and for that you can use these two popular platforms

1. TestFlight for iOS Developers

2. Google Play Native App Beta Testing

Installation testing

This testing will be focused on platforms and versions of operating systems like in Android it will be 4.2 above like that because this will decide your target audience and this will take some basic testing like installation of main memory or in SD card specially in Android devices.

Certification Testing

Certification testing depends on content of your app and information which you are reading from mobile device like user’s geo location and contact details like that and for that you have to pass few certification testing before publishing on store and google asking on certificate and giving you certificate as per security answers which provided at the time of publishing.

Security Testing

To check for vulnerabilities to hacking, authentication and authorization policies, data security, session management and other security standards.