Now Pokemon Go happened, what’s next for gamedev

image credits to Pokemon Go from AppStore

As you know that mobile is risky & the more matured market than the rest of the platforms. A prediction or trend which might get a decent traffic is something that no one wants to leave behind.

If you look at the mobile game top grossing chart for 2016. There are two of the games which had made significant interest for casual game developers, here’s an analyze of what we can learn from them- Clash Royale & Pokemon Go

Image credit to Clash Royale from AppStore
  1. Both of these games are from a category where most of the game developers & publishers had thought its dead
Clash Royale: Synchronous +mmo game-play
Pokemon Go: Location based game-play

2. Why it’s a safe bet for indies, if you’re going to make another match 3 game like CoC or Candy Crush Saga. TBH you won’t stand a chance taking out these giants with your new title, as they invest huge in UA

3. Pros & cons of developing games in old game categories


You can’t raise funding & no investors will be even interested


Dedicate yourself into an idea, its more off a blue ocean strategy to get your brand an identity with games in this category
It’s one of an area, where there are still opportunities for leadership

FYI some other game genres to consider will be Racing games, shooters games.

Cheers to the new hope :)

- Cartic P

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