Will Consensus 2018 kick Bitcoin to the moon?

ICB Fund
ICB Fund
May 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Do you believe in history recurrence? If you do, it is really time to sell your wedding ring and buy some bitcoin, because all the previous years there was a trigger which made cryptocurrency grow rapidly. We talk about CoinDesk Consensus conference in New York.

Despite the fact that Vitalik Buterin, who was offended by a publications of CoinDesk, called for a boycott of the event, the main figures of the crypto industry will gather in New York from May 14 to 16. Moreover, the organizers promise to break the records of the past years by attendance: Zcash, Stellar, Lympo, SONM, Bancor, VeChain, Enigma and a lot of other cryptocurrency makers are expected. Add there speaker list with more than 200 experts (full list here) — and all doubts about importance of this event will be divorced.

Blockchain governance, SEC influence, exchange changes, new decentralized solutions — main topics of Consensus 2018. There will be pitch session, hackathon and blockchain job fair as well — so, Buterin might miss a lot of interesting things.

Consensus 2018 is like G8 Summit, but in crypto. And all the previous years this event really positively influenced the cryptocurrency course. Despite the fact that many analysts focusing on graphics predict bitcoin trend reversal to decline direction, first cryptocurrency might surprise us. Remember? Plan B is always possible. Altcoins is also at low start and waiting for Consensus results.

But don’t be too enthusiastic, let’s check the previous years charts. It is a fact that the rate of the cryptocurrency has increased, but not immediately after event. Obviously, the crowd needs time to digest all the information received during the conference.

In 2017 the trend was no longer so obvious, and the subsequent growth of the cryptocurrency could not be unequivocally explained directly by the consequence of the Consensus.

Should we expect the rapid grow this year? One thing we can say for sure: there will be really big news during Consensus 2018, and this kind of news can really move the market. And if you believe that history recurs, pay your attention to altcoins and do not underestimate what bears might do so as not to let bitcoin reach 10K in the near future.

ICB Fund

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ICB Fund

ICBF is an investment company that invests in high-yield blockchain instruments.

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