Solutions and Problems

Now, this is not a theory, a rule, a law or authentic fact…. It is a post from looking and thinking.

The world is very vast, large, wide. People in it from time to time are numerous, nay, innumerable.

Seasons are plenteous, places are diverse!

Foods? waters? Mountains? Animals? Trees? Technologies? Science? Humanities?

The human mind is smarter than any technological gadget to ever exist and that will ever exist, (You can quote me on this) carrying skills, wisdom, knowledge, capabilities, capacities just enough for its world.

The world is made with problems. There is something to do, there is somewhere to fix, from within even to the galaxies.

Another name for the world? Problem!

Another name for human? Solution!

Why? Man had needs unmet (we still do) and that is a problem. The world does not self invent, the humans in it do.

Going down history lane, we saw the world was empty, nothing!! Humans needed to communicate in a world without language, we created! We needed cloth in a world without clothing , we produced! We needed shelter in a world full of trees, we built! We needed to see in the dark inside our rooms where the light from the moon and stars are not bright enough, we made!! And the list goes on!!!

Now, every human is a solution. Every Human!! I mean every one of us! There is a problem in the world that takes you or I to fix and a need that takes you or I to meet. We just have a problem of wanting to chair a solution or be the super star of a solution. And that’s why we are having more problems with less solution. How can someone at this age want to be the first to do a thing? How can you come in the 21st century and think you are the only one with an idea or a solution? As how? This is not me negating the fact that there are things that have never been done (I’m excited at the thought of those tho) but we have more people thinking that than the actual problem and since they haven’t found something “new” to do, they would rather not do anything.

This current generation should adjust to providing solutions as continuum. Even now, we are continuum, we are a link, we are a part. No one is ever a whole. When you produce, you need someone to sell, when you create, you need someone to use. These are problems and solutions interwoven and intertwined. You can’t be the first to make a bulb but you can the one to make a bulb that never goes off (if that makes sense). You can’t be the first to give human shelter but you can just build more houses so more people can live better (add a personal skill or idea to the list)

You are a part of a whole! A part of a whole!!! And that’s enough! That’s beautiful! The world is a problem, we are it’s solution! All of us….. together!!!




Christian | Personnel Psychologist | Behavior Analyst | Enthusiast | Woman.

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Grace Hunsinu

Grace Hunsinu

Christian | Personnel Psychologist | Behavior Analyst | Enthusiast | Woman.

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