© 2017 by Ice Arrojado Basit.

To Wait in Dreams

Poem by Ice Arrojado Basit.

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In deep search my soul unrests,
A hollow feel I sense within.
There’s something here I know I lack,
What it is, I cannot deem.

I run far out, set off my quest,
Though I know not where to begin.
My feet tread forth, again, and back,
And around in circles I have been.

To my weary, I find a path,
To where it leads, a stranger world.
It narrows deep into the woods,
I stand confound while windstreams hurled.

Then a lasting silence took me in,
And I froze in time awaiting fate.
Must I ensue, or do I recede?
I must decide before it’s too late.

And while the zephyr flows on by,
From in the trees, a curious cry…
A distant hymn I thought I heard,
To my heart it spoke its words.

It beckons me to its forest lair,
To where mystery fills the magic air.
I come in close, bewildered still,
Peculiar thoughts and a growing thrill.

Sunrays slinking through the trees,
Gently breaking the murky mists.
Grass leaves sifting between my toes,
As I saunter in this unknown midst.

Now, as the haze begins to clear,
Two trees away, an enchanting sight.
On this ordinary summer eve,
A song that tells the story of the night…

To its nearness I am drawn,
And by its presence I hold to gape.
Sacred in its fern gully throne,
I am left enthralled with no escape.

Into its eyes I lost my self…
Burnt amber and a scintillating stare… 
Like stardust falling from the sapphire vast,
Onto that deep I resign my cares.

That kaolin skin and garnet lips:
Like roses, red over downy snow.
Fallen leaves, in the air they drift,
But I long to stay, let me not go.

And the creature plays on,
Lyre strings spilling chants into the wind.
And I, spellbound, fall in love,
Let this hour last; the fairytale begins.

The music lures me closer and in,
Leaves are trampled beneath my feet,
Disturbed its song so pristine,
Dazed, it sets its eyes on me.

So we come upon each other,
Now ensnared by the awes we share,
The gravities of us, pulling in as one,
Both charmed in this enchanted air.

It hailed me forth, held my hand,
And before the twilight flare we stand.
Gentle breaths, prolonged sighs,
As we behold the stars arise.

In this enfold, in the arms of us, we witness,
The heavens shifting to dark and light.
And we cast ourselves in soft caresses,
Whilst stars chase across the watching skies.

It sings me a song of ancient love,
A myth that awaited its destiny…
Now, underneath the cerulean above,
It bequeaths that love to me.

I had thought I’d never feel,
But lo, my wintry heart’s unfrozen.
From this life, my eyes I sealed,
But it touched my soul, and I awaken.

Though, time must pass, I regret,
This dream too must come to cease.
A timeless yearning this begets,
These moments will just be reveries.

And the creature’s eyes starts shedding tears,
For at daylight it should depart.
I never thought I’d see it cry,
What had such might, now breaks apart.

It must fly to play its dance,
Its splendor is for its world to see.
Our worlds are far and distant,
This love can never be.

And what I sought, I thought I’ve found.
Indeed, but not for me to keep.
Now the quiet trees surround,
I shall take me back to sleep.

In that calm, I will forever wait,
And desire for that moment to extend,
And this love shall there remain…
Now, it’s time to let this story end.

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