Recap: Ethereum Sharding Workshop in Taipei

Photo credit: Jason Yeh

⟠ New specification, new roadmap

⟠ Protocol changes for Ethereum 2.0

⟠ Rent is the new black

⟠ P2P networking

⟠ What’s-a what’s-a what’s-a what’s-a WASM!

⟠ Binary consensus and sharding

⟠ Mechanism design

1) Execution-minimization and state-minimization

2) Cross everything

3) Scalable data availability checking

4) Security models

Ethereum 2.0 end game

1) Full Casper integration

2) Forkful or Fork-free



Request for the gesture of Ethereum.
Nicholas, Chih-Cheng, and Mai-Hsuan made all the badges one day before the workshop ❤




"Ice Bear has committed no crime….today."

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Hsiao-Wei Wang

Hsiao-Wei Wang

"Ice Bear has committed no crime….today."

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