What does it mean to be a Digital Nomad?

There’s been a lot written and talked about on the topic of a Digital Nomad. You would find a wealth of information on this topic if you were to search about it.

There is really only a few things that characterize someone who may self-identify as a Digital Nomad:

  1. Freedom to work on his or her own schedule.
  2. Freedom to travel and work from different locations as long as there is internet (i.e the nomadic element).
  3. Freelancing or running a business that can be done remotely (the digital aspect).

The concept really has transformed to include all types of work as long as you are able to make a living on your own terms, from wherever you are in the world.

There are different kinds of Digital Nomads such as “Lifestyle designers” who run a freelancing business or work in a specific field for the sole purpose of enabling their lifestyle. A great example could be a Surf enthusiast who decides instead of being tied down to a traditional job, they decide to live in Asia teaching surfing lessons throughout the week, and the rest of the time traveling and enjoying themselves.

There are also “the new rich” entrepreneurs. “New rich” meaning that wealth can be quantified by other means instead of revenue or amount of money one makes and instead by how much freedom and time they have for themselves and their family. This typically can be achieved through some type of digital business and therefor people can classify their lives as Digital Nomads.

There’s also the teachers, coaches, and educators. This is a large contingency of classical Digital Nomads. Many of these people are simply teaching others how to become Digital Nomads while living the lifestyle themselves, but others are creating or involved in businesses that may teach skills in a digital manner. For instance, an English teacher, who may give all their classes online in order to not be tied to a specific place or specific hours of work. Or a writer who creates content for publications and maybe self-publishes their own works for a specific community. This extends to even YouTube, Twitch or other content creators that in many cases could create their work from anywhere in the world and receive financial support from their audience as well as sponsors.

No matter what type of Digital Nomad though, the end goal Is simply Freedom.

Freedom to live a life that is filled with purpose, joy, and meaning. Freedom to explore, travel, and understand one’s self better. Freedom to work on one’s own schedule and be passionate about it.

At the App Chefs, we embody this philosophy and believe great work can be accomplished when everyone working with us is empowered by their own freedom. Whether that means freedom to travel or freedom to stay home and spend more time with family, we believe the most important thing is to work hard and live purposefully.

The Digital Nomad philosophy in our Agency helps us to do that and others who work with us to as well.