That’s why we as lovers must know that love doesn’t stay unaffected for long and must prepare on how to handle and manage other attacking emotions when they begin to come around.

Some keys to keeping your relationship alive are :

  1. Selflessness. One must understand that for love to keep growing in a relationship, we must see it through the eyes of a parent who gives all to their kids and expect very little in return. Parents don’t get angry when after giving gifts to their kids and they get no gift back.. Why? That’s because they do it out of SELFLESSNESS . Out of love. So when you begin to see your relationship this way, you are likely to hardly be disappointed because you are bent on giving more than you get as your source of joy.
  2. COMMITMENT. when a child goes to school, his aim is to graduate and graduate well but when a kid decides that he wants to graduate with a first class and end up dropping to a second class as the years goes by, you don’t hear the kid saying I AM DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL BECAUSE I CAN GET A FIRST CLASS. No!!. What you hear is, I WILL DO MY BEST TO SUSTAIN THIS SECOND CLASS. That’s commitment regardless the result.. We must learn to commit our selves to our relationship regardless how we are treated. Paying bad for bad will never lead to good. So in other to get the best out of what is available. We ought to give our very best to bring out the joy from what we have left. With this mentality, our partners can get a change of mind when they see that you stayed unchanged regardless how they treated you.
  3. CREATIVITY. One mistake many lover male is that they keep applying the same method and want a different result.. When a teacher realizes her method of teaching isn’t working.. The teacher changes it to get a different result. Over time, relationship will start dragging and emotions will begin to fade. But it’s up to us to look for new ways to spark up the flame again. If you are not the going out couple type, try going out for dinners. If you are not good in buying gifts, try doing that. If you are not big on celebrating her or his birthday., take time out to make a big deal party about it. Be more romantic.. Hold hands.. Pop wines.. Feed one another. Switch responsibilities.. The man can decide to cook and bring her food to her.. Etc.. All these will begin to send a new message to your partner as they desire to see more and as they desire this, they automatically want to treat you better for this reason and a different result emerges.
  4. HUMILITY. Humility can fill up for alot of things but for the sake of this article, I will just say one major thing and that is LEARN TO SAY SORRY EVEN IF YOU ARE RIGHT. This simple remedy will solve alot of disputes and at the end if your partner is the one wrong., they will come around to apologize after seeing your level of maturity and Humility. We don’t have to win every fight when it comes to relationships.. Sometimes. Your partner just want to feel valued and important so they try to pass their point even if they are wrong but u can read In between the lines and see the reason why they do what they do and apologies to give them that feeling..
  5. COMMUNICATION. we need to learn on how to pass a message in the best way possible. Sometimes we have a good message but the way we pass it sends out a wrong signal.. BE MILD.. BE FUNNY.. BE EASY.. BE CALM. when you want to pass some messages that could hurt them… scarcely speak your mind when angry and slowly makes promises when excited.. Think things through.. Chew your word and taste them before dishing it out.. It will save u a lot of misunderstood issues.

Well.. I hope these will help you fix the broken pieces as you apply this fee keys to your relationship.. Stay tuned for more articles..