Relationship is awesome if both parties learn to seek out the ingredients that makes it sweet and not just act on impulse or emotions. Relationship is like making soup.. You are likely to add whatever u feel like and come out will something that taste cool but if you want a soup that comes out precisely as good as you want then you have to seek out the specific ingredients needed to make that soup happen.

Love is the center of every relationship but it’s just one ingredient needed to make it work. People tend to jump into relationships based on that over flow emotion they get when you meet someone new that likes you and they feel they can sustain the relationship on that emotion but over time realize that no matter how they try, the over flow gradually fade out and they begin to face the reality of life as they experience new forms of emotions especially the negative ones they never expected like. Anger,Jealousy ,distance,unappreciation, idleness, disappointment,dissatisfaction apologies, distrust, anxiety, fear, and many more.. Since they felt that the love drive was always going to be as it was.. They had to prepared plan to combat these feelings and as such begin to give in to it and gradually fall apart. We must understand that in as much as love is powerful, it is forever constantly attacked by Negativity because our body is like a house and all sort of emotions fight to find a home in it and when they do, they want to dominate our thought process.

That’s why we as lovers must know that love doesn’t stay unaffected for long and must prepare on how to handle and manage other attacking emotions when they begin to come around.

Keys to sustain a relationship

  1. SELFLESSNESS. when a parents gets gifts for their kids, they don’t get angry or frustrated when they get no gift back from their kids. This because their joy is derived from knowing that they have their best and their kids loved it and not in getting back as much as they have given. When you begin to see your relationship from the eyes of a mother or father, your joy will hardly be taken away because you have placed a greater value on giving than receiving and so you focus your energy and emotions more on the WHAT CAN I GIVE? than WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN? question.. Love is a sacrifice and it can’t be love of you don’t work towards out doing your partner.
  2. CREATIVITY. when a teacher realizes that her method of teaching isn’t bringing maximum understanding to the students.. A change of method is sorted. Same goes for lovers. When you keep applying the same method and desires a different results, you are bound to be disappointed. Creativity means.. Seeking out other ways to do things for a better reward or result so when you realize that your relationship is going out of fire, we need to seek out ways to bring that fire back. For example.. U can try outings and dinners if u both introverts. You can begin to buy gifts or even become more romantic like holding hands and switching responsibilities like the man cooking and bring food to the wife and you could even try to be more playful like putting on your husband clothes and walking like a man to make him laugh. Many more ways are out there.. Seeing romantic movies together and all.. All these will pass a new message to your partner as they desire more of it and treat you even better…
  3. COMMITMENT. when a child goes to the university with the aim of getting a first class. If over the years his points drops to second class, you won’t hear the child saying WELL, SINCE I CANT GET A FIRST CLASS, I AM DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL. No!!! . You are likely to here him say I WILL DO MY BEST NOT TO DROP LOWER THAN THIS. that’s the spirit we should have. Being able to stay committed to a course even if it’s not turning out as planned. For better for worse as the wedding vows have it.. You must encourage your self to stay loving.. Stay providing.. Stay helping even if you are not as happy as you want to be. You must look for the best in what you have and hope for nothing less.
  4. HUMILITY. Humility falls into different areas but for the sake of this article, I will just say this one thing. LEARN TO SAY SORRY EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT WRONG. this simple statement will help you solves a lot of meaningless problems that should not be a big deal if u but say the words I AM SORRY. Sometimes, our partners feel unappreciated. Not valued and unheard so they tend to out extra energy into making a point even if they are wrong, just to get you to accept. And if you are sensitive enough, you will read in-between the lines and satisfy them with that victory. The cool thing about this is. They will always come around to apologies when they enjoy the feeling of victory. So learn to let others have the victory for once.. You don’t always have to win a relationship dispute.

COMMUNICATION. many relationship problems comes as a result of passing a good message but in a wrong way. Simple thing like the tone of a voice can pollute a good message. So we must learn to taste our words before passing them to others. Seek a more calmer.. Respectful.. Easy.. Loving way to pass a message especially if it’s a message that is likely to hurt them.. Be becomes careless about communication because is a big key to making your partner open up more. Learn to be silent when angry and slow in making promises when excited Because they are both extreme emotions and can get you to say things you weight not be able to take back but wish you could… communicate with maturity.. Not aggression.. Aggressive communication only makes the listener more hardened.

I hope these points will help you build a better relationship and fix the broken pieces.. If you love this.. Pls like and share as you state tuned for more.