Nuance de Rve (2018–2019)

The summer of 2015 at the NYU library.

Kintrallery render of 2015
If someone were to search my name in 100 years on the internet, they would be referring to an archaic system of archival efforts created by post-apocalyptic humans whose determination to sustain memory surpassed their ability to enjoy the pleasant calm of enjoying the privilege to archive such items by…

Dna and Dna by Aroha Groves (sculpture made in Unity 3D, 2011).

Wiradjuri Boomerang size:Approx 52cm from corner to corner & approx 18cm high.

An Australian Time Based Art.

We build devices by expressing our ways.

“The Salon was the first regularly repeated, open, and free display of contemporary art in Europe to be offered in a completely secular setting and for the purpose of encouraging a primarily aesthetic response in larger numbers of people.” Thomas Crow, 1988


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