Swedish Massage Techniques and Their Detailed Explanation

The technique of Swedish massage is quite different from other types of massage as it is quite specific and result oriented. Regarded as one of the most traditional types of reflexology, it helps the body to gain more oxygen which facilitates waste generation from the cells resulting in detoxification. Due to its traditional ways of putting pressure on the body to cure a variety of ailments, it is regarded as classic bodywork in most parts of the world.

Due to its specific nature, it has been subcategorized into 5 different techniques with each of them available at spa massage in Kolkata. Each and every technique in itself is quite special and is preferred to give comfort and relaxation against selected body ailments.

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Here’s a detailed explanation of different types to help you select the best for your requirement –


This one is the most popular technique and covers different areas of the body. In this technique, the masseur provides long sweeping strokes to the body that are in a combination of light and dark gliding motions. The strokes are applied with the flat of the hand or any other flat surface such as the forearm.

The technique involves making basic bodywork movement by the therapists which help in creating a relaxing effect by stimulating the nervous system. The massage procedure is suitable for achieving relaxation with respect to specific part of the body while avoiding putting pressure on the areas where massage is not required.

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In this type of Swedish technique, the soft tissues of the body are compressed against each other through kneading of muscles in order to achieve greater muscle penetration. Petrissage is basically a method which is provided in a rhythmic manner to press the muscles that lie under a superficial layer of the tissue.

Here in this technique, manipulation of muscles is executed with the help of palms, fingers, thumbs or through the combination of all these. The massage technique is basically used to soften the deep tissue of the muscles which ultimately helps in blood circulation. In addition to this, the petrissage manipulation technique helps in enhancing elasticity, improves muscle tone and eliminates to certain extent waste products from the tissue.

Tapotement or Rhythmic Tapping-

As the name suggests, in this procedure fists of the cupped hands are used to rhythmically tap the muscles. Quite handy, the technique helps the muscles to loose which creates a relaxing effect leading the muscles to get relaxed and energised.

In addition to Swedish massage, the technique of Tapotement is also popular with chair manipulation therapy as well as Shiatsu. Quite handy, rhythmic tapping is preferred to calm the nerves as well as for increasing the blood circulation in the body. In addition to this, it also proves helpful in releasing the mucus from the lungs in order to recover from cold or flu.

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Quite a unique technique, friction involves rubbing of both the palms against the skin in order to produce heat. The technique of friction is used as a warm up exercise for the muscles of the body that are needed to be treated for deeper manipulation.

It proves quite helpful in breaking adhesions as it affects the tissues of the muscle quite deeply which in turn reenergizes the muscle fibres. This one type of Swedish massage technique is performed without any lubricant to avoid slipping of fingers or palm over the skin.

Friction technique helps in circulating the blood to the upper layers of the skin which increase the metabolic rate of the cells improving their functionality.

Vibration or Shaking –

One of the most popular techniques of Swedish rubbing and manipulation, vibration or shaking helps in loosening of the muscles. The procedure utilises putting back and forth pressure through fingertips or hands onto the skin to shake up the muscle for promoting relaxation.

Static vibrations are applied onto the body of the person with the help of the hand without sliding over the skin which helps in increasing blood circulation. Thus it proves effective in creating a soothing effect to the nerves and promotes loosening of scar tissue.