A story of custom binary serialisation for a game made with Unity3D

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This year I helped a customer develop and ship a word puzzle game for iOS and Android. …

You probably know what binary search is but WTF is Eytzinger order?

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DTOs (Data Transfer Objects) are classes which people use to represent and store data before they serialise and send the data over the wire. So the primarily purpose of a DTO is to be able to turn an object graph into a buffer (array of bytes).

[Application state] --> [DTOs] --> [Buffer]

And turn a buffer into an object graph.

[Buffer] --> [DTOs] --> [Application state]

Some people (my self including) don’t see the point of separating between Application state and DTOs some times. Specifically if the mapping between the Application state classes and DTO classes is 1:1. The mapping seems to be redundant and they are ok with integrating the DTO as part of their application state and logic. …


Maxim Zaks

Tells computers how to waste electricity. Hopefully in efficient, or at least useful way.

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